Designing portals in Dallas Texas details


An usual design is used for one customer , on the other hand when an organization or a client order a website ,he wants a special design and components and facilities for  his website and  he won`t let others to have copy of his design and components and facilities .
But a portal is used by multiple clients. design , components and facilities are unique , only  outer shell of these websites independent of the order of clients may be different.
For example a portal for  schools has a core in which  components and facilities is defined an constant.
By the use of this core you can make many websites for many schools.
Each of these websites work by a common main core , difference only is on the outer sell of these websites.
Each portal has a license and  is more expensive than a  usual  website, but  each made website by this expensive license is cheaper  than a usual website.
A  designed portal by a web design corporation will be sell to another web company.
The second company buys the license of portal, and designs many websites by this portal easily.
Our company like the first company in this example.
We are ready to get different orders of  web-portals for personal  and government companies in Dallas Texas.