Designing websites details

All website has two parts: Frontend side and Backend side.
Frontend side is the side which visitors see and the backend side(admin) is the side with which
Administer works  and write information in.
This information will be shown in frontend.

Frontend side or design of site will choose by you.
You can introduce another site to give us idea to design your shell of site or you can
Design it by yourself and give us Html code.

We use our private CMS (Content management system) to design your orders , primary facilities include the :

  1. file up-loader
  2. News  add/update
  3. Banner management
  4. webpage management  add/update
  5. SEO (search engine optimization ) management
  6. Introduce admin to cms
  7. site options
  8. contact information management
  9. change password
  10. photogallery
  11. managing registered visitors

These are default components, but if you need more components and facilities , you can order it
And we will design it and add it to the default.