magento 2 development

I make magento 2 modules for your store.

These are my work principles, need you to know to work with each other better.
1 – Magento type:  Magento 2 (I left Magento 1 forever)

2- Magento version : ex: magento 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3  for Magento 2
this is important to know because on my laptop it’s not possible to run Magento 2.3  unfortunatelly
Magento 1  and Magento 2  are totally different, and Magento even in their subversions have some differences.

3- If the client decide to make a payment gateway then he should give you the document and php sample code of the payment gateway.

In every country there are many kind of payment gateway companies and all of them have their methods and algorythms .

4- Some clients need to repair and debug their sites, to do this I need to get backup of full website , if their sites is to heavy then no need to get

product folder in the path:  pub/media/catalog/product  in Magento 2

or media/catalog  in Magento 1

problems of these sites are usually conflicts between modules or new theme installation that has conflict with old features

5- Some clients need to develope and customize a prepared bought modules or themes
In this case we need only have that module or theme.
They shoud send us original module or themes.

6- Some clients need to write a new module (I don’t write themes) , in this case they should write what they wants with pictures in doc format,
And usually I need to talk with these types of clients.