Magento installation and supporting

We propose two types internet shopping:

  1. Hand written
    • Semi-active

      It shows your products to visitors, if they like and decide to buy then it gather their orders to your email.
      You should everyday check your email.

    • Active

      It not only gather visitor’s orders, but also decreases from their credit card accounts and
      Pay it to your account. (More…)
      This type of internet shopping is more expensive than Magento, because we have to design and write program in such a manner that your wants be satisfied.

  2. Magento

    Magento is an active payment internet shopping and works with a different credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Paypal).
    It is a prepared internet shopping, so our team simply will install it for you, but it is difficult to work with, so we in addition of install it should teach you its admin.
    For these services you should pay 100 $.

    There are many websites in which you can find beautiful templates for your magento internet shopping, we will install them on your magento freely.

Some of the most my important experiences in customising Magento for a household-tools seller :

  • Reconnecting the disconnected gateway payment.
  • Add a new customer account attribute by his order.
  • Add a new step checkout by his order.
  • Writing a module in order to prepay expensive products and send check-list to customers.
  • Customising “Matrixrate” shipping plugin for him and setting ajax relation between state and city in customer’s shipping addresses .
  • Changing design of site. (PSD to theme)

These are sites on which I worked: