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Migration to Yii2 is OK !

I'm very interested on Zend Framework families, Zend company anounced that Zend Framework 3 will be soon.

We waited, waited and waited but ? !

I'm familiar by ZF1, not by ZF2. I decided not to learn ZF2 by some resons, means stright forward from ZF1 to ZF3(on PHP 7).

ZF3 lated so much and we don't know it will be at near future or not, by these resons I decided while ZF3 is being completed, learn another framework, this framework is Yii2.

I've began to learn it since April and today I want to say that I like it.

It may be my favorite framework at all and not to migrate to ZF3 or others.
Yii2 is the best PHP framework I ever seen!

published in 10 June 2016 and 23:31 clock.