Key information about my job

Working regime:

Thursdays : I go to Russian language course as a student .

I am free every day of the week except Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm. I go to the gym at 6 in the evening.

The principles I have in coding:

    1. As a backend developer, I work only in app/code in my own modules.

    2. I try not to use overriding methods by <preference in di.xml as may as possible, using plugin is better way.

    1. I prefer to use my own namespace, unless the product owner or leader want to use their namespace.

    1. To overriding code methods (vendor/magento) using <preference in di.xml, I prefer to write a module by the same name of core module in the main namespace in app/code.

    1. To improving or developing third-party modules I prefer to write codes into that third-party modules, and don’t like to override them in my own namespace.

    2. To writing patches, I prefer to use <preference in di.xml, instead of filename.patch files in “patches” folder in root.

    3. Do not use Docker or Kubernetes.

My hardware to work:

Dell Latitude D820 (32 bit laptop), 3.2 GB RAM, SSD HDD .

I have also private VPS elasticsearch 7 installed on it to connect it to this laptop to complete Magento 2 proccess.

OS: Debian 10 desktop 32 bit.

PHP 7.3 and 7.4 (can switch between them).

I know I need to change my laptop.?


There is some ways to pay me:

    1. Paypal (I know a legal exchange/transfer in Tehran, can give you his PayPal).

    2. (I have yandex account and yandex wallet).

    3. Posting a laptop.

I can not give PHP or Magento exam in oral form, instead I can give you some of my modules or can give practical exam.