designing dynamic web pages

  1. Programming  in C
  2. Programming in C++
  3. Flash and Action Script 2
  4. Designing  static web pages (HTML 5,CSS 3,DreamWeaver)
  5. Designing dynamic web pages(Programming in JavaScript, using Jquery  plug-ins)
  6. Designing dynamic web-sites (PHP-MYSQL )
  7. Management  of  your  internet-shopping   by  the use of  MAGENTO
  8. Learning MAGENTO as a developer (writing  modules in Magento )
  9. Zend-Framework  training with  Zend-studio and Zend-server  (MVC structured web )

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In a web page designed by pure Html,css all elements are static.
It means that the number of these elements are constant. for
example 4Div,12span,2table,… . Their properties cannot change
too,if color of a Font tag is blue, it will stay blue for ever .
One of the Javascript abilities is that it can change all of these
parameters by events, by time-line (making animation) and …
4 persons
Maximum class capacity
 12 hours
Course duration
Minimum age
18 years old

After course you can :

After learning javascript in our school, you can make dynamic tags,
a select tag with viriable number of its option tags.
You can dynamically create,remove elements in a loaded web page
with out need to reload it.change place of tags,dublicate them.

Price: 160 $

Contents of course

  1. The rudiments of the javascript language
  2. Reviewing Html forms
  3. Document object and output commands
  4. Functions and events in Javascript
  5. Objects of Javascript
  6. Working by windows
  7. Working by Html documents end images
  8. Proccessing forms and frames
  9. Event management in Javascript
  10. Using the style sheets
  11. DOM (dymanic object model)
  12. Error handling in Javascript
  13. Create animation in Html documents


  10am – 11:30am 12am – 1:30pm 2pm – 3:30pm 4pm – 5:30pm