Zend Framework training

  1. Programming  in C
  2. Programming in C++
  3. Flash and Action Script 2
  4. Designing  static web pages (HTML 5,CSS 3,DreamWeaver)
  5. Designing dynamic web pages(Programming in JavaScript, using Jquery  plug-ins)
  6. Designing dynamic web-sites (PHP-MYSQL )
  7. Management  of  your  internet-shopping   by  the use of  MAGENTO
  8. Learning MAGENTO as a developer (writing  modules in Magento )
  9. Zend-Framework  training with  Zend-studio and Zend-server  (MVC structured web )

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If I know PHP well, why I should choose and use a PHP framework?
Assume that you are manager of a firm and you are doing a huge and complicate web project.
By some reasons your programmer doesn’t want to cooperate more and want to leave.
You will hire another programmer and he has to read codes of your uncompleted project.
Unfortunately most programmers in these cases won’t be able to continue and complete codes
And prefer to write your project from zero.
Do you ask me why?
Because every programmer has own programming style.
Popular frameworks solve this problem using pattern MVC.
By frameworks you will write tidier codes whom understandable for others.
You can cooperate in team works.
If you read newspaper announces for employment, you can see that the first needed condition to
Hire is ability to work by one of the popular PHP frameworks.
4 persons
Maximum class capacity
 36 hours
Course duration
Minimum age
24 years old

After course you can :

After this course you can make a CMS by Zend for yourself and do projects independently.

Price: 220 $

Contents of course

  1. Introducing and installation of Zend Server, Zend Studio, Zend tool (command line)
  2. MVC pattern and structure of a project in Zend Framework
  3. Working with views
  4. Concept of Layout
  5. Working with Controller
  6. How to make multi Layouts
  7. Forms and validations
  8. Working with Zend_db_table ,Model, Mapper
  9. Plug-ins and its uses, Smarty template engine in Zend
  10. Modules in Zend, Creating modules by plug-ins, layouts within modules
  11. View Helpers
  12. Ajax example in Zend
  13. Action Helpers
  14. Including  foreign libraries to Zend, Excel library in Zend as an example
  15. How to make a CMS by Zend . (2 modules project)


  10am – 11:30am 12am – 1:30pm 2pm – 3:30pm 4pm – 5:30pm