Zend-crud is a crud(create, read, update, delete) script web application in order to help web developers who use Zend framework 1 (ZF1) .

The benefits of crud:

“Entrust duties of the machine to itself .”

Web developers very well know that there is some programming operations in which mistakes probability is much.
For example in admin panel of a site, the crud operation about every database table is done likely.
These operations are mistakable, boring and longsome.
Zend Framework 1 is known between web developers as a terrible and complicated php framework.
This framework is old but is not dead.
Many e-commerce and non e-commerce famous CMS still using ZF1 library by default, like MAGENTO 2.0 .
In other words many special and non routine web applications are still are written on ZF1 and this is my favorite php framework.

“ZEND-CRUD generates understandable codes .”

CRUD scripts isn’t a new thing, this is not my invention, the are many other famous crud generators like XCRUD and yii-crud-generator.
Many crud scripts generate full complete admin panel for you, if you don’t know php programming well and your admin panel is simple enough, these crud systems are good for you.
But they have a big weak point.
They generate complicated and bad readable codes.
In many cases, these prepared codes is not enough and there is need to correction and develop by hand.
Yii-crud-generator is good for Yii programmers and ZEND-CRUD for ZF1 programmers .
ZEND-CRUD generates simple and understandable codes for you.
You can correct and develop these codes if you know ZF1.

“ZEND-CRUD contents: “

  1. Armor :
    Armor is a 2 modules ZF1 base web site. download
    The first module by the url : http://localhost/mysite/public/ is Hello World of ZF1 and the second module by the url: http://localhost/mysite/public/admin/ is a admin panel with some prepared possibilities.
    • File uploader
    • Content base page management with a good text editor.
  2. Loader:
    Loader is a separated script, who works as a crud code generator. download
    How it works?
    • First of all you should make your mysql db tables by some laws .
    • Clean the folder “output” by deleting all files in it (if there is).
    • In the file config.php make connection to database.
    • In the file task.php, introduce your selected tables to the program.
    • Run the application by opening this address http://localhost/zend-crud/do.php .
    • Move all generated files in the folder “output” to this address: mysite/application/modules/admin in Armor, allow overwrite? Yes to all.
    • All is prepare, but you have to add your controller links in the sidebar mysite/application/modules/admin/views/scripts/sidebar.phtml by hand .

MySql Table name and fields laws for this version of zend-crud:
  1. All tables should begin with a t_ prefix, like t_mytable.
  2. PK of the table, if your table name is t_mytable, is t_mytable_id
  3. In that case, the prefix of other fields will be t_mytable_ , like: t_mytable_name, t_mytable_family, t_mytable_gender
Admin username: webmaster
Admin password: 111
Contact us if there was any problem.
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Why ZF1 ?

Why are you still working on ZF1 ? it has been expired long time ago.

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