flash and action script 2

  1. Programming  in C
  2. Programming in C++
  3. Flash and Action Script 2
  4. Designing  static web pages (HTML 5,CSS 3,DreamWeaver)
  5. Designing dynamic web pages(Programming in JavaScript, using Jquery  plug-ins)
  6. Designing dynamic web-sites (PHP-MYSQL )
  7. Management  of  your  internet-shopping   by  the use of  MAGENTO
  8. Learning MAGENTO as a developer (writing  modules in Magento )
  9. Zend-Framework  training with  Zend-studio and Zend-server  (MVC structured web )

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Flash is a multimedia platform to creating vector graphic and animation online browser games.
Html5,css3,jquery are trying to get place of Flash, but Flash still is owner of browser games.
The most attractive advertisements on websites still is done by Flash.
Educational DVD,CD courses can perform by Flash and it is so widely practiced, because Flash can
simulate many things,like mecanichal motions,imagine places (like panirama), etc.
Action Script is a interpretor programming language using in the timelines to controling events and many many
other things in Flash. this programming language is as powerful as can make wonderful browser games !
4 persons
Maximum class capacity
 12 hours
Course duration
Minimum age
18 years old

After course you can :

After completing this course you will be able to create animations for web pages.
You will be able to create frame-by-frame, shape-tweened, and motion-tweened
animation using both custom and imported graphics as well as text.

you will learn best practice when building more advanced Flash movies and applications.
You will also gain an understanding of the different ways to approach the building of a project
making better use of dynamically created movie clips and other object instances.
In this course we show us how to make a game and you should complete it as your final project.

Price: 220 $

Contents of course

  1. Part 1
    Flash on TimeLine
    1. Document window
    2. Timeline
    3. The Layer Controls
    4. ToolBar
    5. Drawing tools
    6. Animation Basics
    7. Symbols and Instances
    8. Filters in Flash
    9. Motion Tweening
    10. Working with Bitmaps
    11. Buttons
    12. Movie Clips
    13. Working with Text
    14. Sound/Video
  2. Part 2
    ActionScript 2.0
    1. variables Types
    2. the concept of time line in As2.0
    3. events and event listeners
    4. duplicating objects and arrays
    5. animating objects by mechanics equations
    6. drag and drop / limitting motions
    7. working with filters in As2.0
    8. sound and video in As2.0
    9. connection to the server via. As2.0
    10. Drawing in As2.0
    11. working with BitMaps
    12. Making a game with flash for you !


  10am – 11:30am 12am – 1:30pm 2pm – 3:30pm 4pm – 5:30pm