Learning MAGENTO as a developer

  1. Programming  in C
  2. Programming in C++
  3. Flash and Action Script 2
  4. Designing  static web pages (HTML 5,CSS 3,DreamWeaver)
  5. Designing dynamic web pages(Programming in JavaScript, using Jquery  plug-ins)
  6. Designing dynamic web-sites (PHP-MYSQL )
  7. Management  of  your  internet-shopping   by  the use of  MAGENTO
  8. Learning MAGENTO as a developer (writing  modules in Magento )
  9. Zend-Framework  training with  Zend-studio and Zend-server  (MVC structured web )

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If you know the Magento development art, this will be a useful ability for you.
Every day more and more internet shops in the world (and in Azerbaijan too) are created by
Magento, this means that theme, template and extension purposes for Magento is increasing.
Professional web development firms try to hire PHP programmers to produce popular themes to sell
in their sites.
Programming in Magento is very hard to learn, and we will simplify it for you.
4 persons
Maximum class capacity
 36 hours
Course duration
Minimum age
24 years old

After course you can :

After this course you can create simple but useful and beautiful Magento themes.
You can make all kind of skins. This is the process: file PSD(by Graphist ) then Html file(Html developer)
And finally Magento skin(This is you as a Magento developer) and good salary.

Price: 220 $

Contents of course

  1. Magento plugin’s structure
  2. Create your own controller
  3. Create a block
  4. The Model and the database
  5. The Model, collections and forms
  6. Create a plugin in the backend
  7. The magento admin grid
  8. Rewrite / modify a magento block
  9. Rewrite / modify a magento model
  10. Rewrite / modify a magento controller
  11. Events and Observers in magento
  12. The Helpers
  13. Make an update of your plugin
  14. Translate your Magento plugin, the Internationalization


  10am – 11:30am 12am – 1:30pm 2pm – 3:30pm 4pm – 5:30pm