programming in c plus plus

  1. Programming  in C
  2. Programming in C++
  3. Flash and Action Script 2
  4. Designing  static web pages (HTML 5,CSS 3,DreamWeaver)
  5. Designing dynamic web pages(Programming in JavaScript, using Jquery  plug-ins)
  6. Designing dynamic web-sites (PHP-MYSQL )
  7. Management  of  your  internet-shopping   by  the use of  MAGENTO
  8. Learning MAGENTO as a developer (writing  modules in Magento )
  9. Zend-Framework  training with  Zend-studio and Zend-server  (MVC structured web )

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The C language is a modular language (Structular language),this is because of using function.
Without functions you can write small applications and manage them well.
By the use of functions you can write and manage medium (about 7000 lines of codes) well.
If your application is big managing it will be so difficult.
By the use of object oriented programming (OOP) languages (Block structular languages)
you can easily write and manage big applications,in addition you can divide your project
and do it in a team-work with out any code confliction.
C++ is a OOP language (C + OOP = C++).its inventor is Mr.Bjarne Stroustrup
4 persons
Maximum class capacity
 36 hours
Course duration
Minimum age
22 years old

After course you can :

After this course you can create many different desktop applications.
In the course we’ll solve for your many examples like “electronic library”,
“desktop dictionary”.
you to understand many concepts of oop programming and this will help
you to understand and obtain the ability to work in team-works .
Many well-knows softwares are written in big team-works by C++, like photoshop.
You can independently learn many other programming languages like C#, peyton,Ruby.

Price: 260$

Contents of course

  1. Difference between C and C++
  2. Pointers
  3. Working with files and directories
  4. Dynamic memory allocation in C++
  5. Structures
  6. Object oriented basics
  7. Using namespaces
  8. Classes(consideration of “new” and “delete” operators)
    • constructors and destructors
  9. Classes(inheritence)
  10. Classes(polymorphism)
    • Real functions
    • Function overloading
    • Operator overloading
  11. “Friend” operator
  12. templates
  13. Windows application basics (working with forms,Graphics,dll files,…)


  10am – 11:30am 12am – 1:30pm 2pm – 3:30pm 4pm – 5:30pm